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World Tree News

Technical Difficulties: Please be patient!

We've had a major web snafu, and so things may look kind of weird here at World Tree Central for a bit. (2010-06-01)

Web Extra: Common World Tree Names

There's a list of common names of World Tree characters on the Extras page. (2005-07-06)

Padwolf Presents!

The premiere issue of Padwolf Presents, a magazine of new fiction, is now available! This magazine includes new short fiction from all of the worlds of Padwolf's authors, including a new World Tree story by Victoria Borah Bloom, as well as information about their whole line of science fiction, fantasy, and gaming. Get a free copy now with any book order from Padwolf . (2002-04-29)

Ursa Major Awards Nominations

We are pleased to tell you that World Tree has been nominated in two categories of The Anthropomorphic Literature & Arts of the Year (Ursa Major) Awards: Best Anthropomorphic Game 2001 and Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration 2001 (for Mike Raabe's cover). If you are planning to attend Confurence this year, please take a few moments to vote! Details via Flayrah . (2002-01-31)