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You'll need a good healer to start with. Always travel with a healer. Can't heal yourself if you're stunned and reeling. And a healer can do other tricks, catch you in a spell if you fall down. And you gotta have a wizard. Two wizards are even better. One to cast and one to blast, I say! One to keep your enemy's spells away, and one to wrap 'em up in burning brambles!

Then you oughta take a knight. A Rassimel knight if you can find one, and just because he's short. You can float over his head, he can fit under your tentacles! You thunder down on the beast with your clubs while the knight hews at its entrails and the wizard pokes thorns into its eyes; there's no finer fighting on the world-branch!

You also oughta take a magazine. Sometimes the wizards just sit and talk for days and days and there's nothin' to fight. Oh, they'll make you fetch and carry and sneak and peek--that's just part of the job.

Juber Rankscraffle, Khtsoyis clubs-for-hire

If you are running a World Tree game or are interested in running one, and you'd like to list your contact information for prospective members, email us at wrldtree@bestweb.net with your information. We'll review it and list it on this page.

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Campaign Name: To Rule in Ulfarexa
Location: Tampa, FL
Open to New Players: possibly
Contact: otter@fox.org
Website: www.solluna.org/~otter/worldtree.html
Description: In Ulfarexa, the largest city on the branch Taureia and the capital of its most powerful nation-state, nineteen noble families vie to be the hand that sinks the knife into the back of the Eternal Monarch, Arfaen Sandifer. Suffice it to say that Arfaen has not ruled for over two centuries without being a canny woman, and the nobility squabbles over the scraps of power she's left behind as often as it plots her downfall-- And the less said about the rising merchant class the better! Characters are the younger children of minor nobles, cast to the bottom of the fray and expected to work their own way to the top. Assassinations through spell, poison or sword are common, plots Byzantine and allies worth more than amber.

Campaign Name: (none yet)
Status: In Development
Location: Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Open to New Players: YES!! (5 - 8 players wanted)
Contact: mephit.diable@home.com
Website: (none yet)
Description: I'm looking to start up a weekly World Tree campaign, but need to see if there are interested people out there in the Guelph area. The campaign would begin with a few weeks of intro to the game and a few sample games with pre-made characters to get everyone (including me) comfy with the game mechanics and such. After this, the players would be consulted as to what they would like to see in the campaign, and character creation would begin soon thereafter.

Campaign Name: The Spinning Elts
Status: Looking for players
Location: Cambridge, MA
Open to New Players? Yes
Contact: lunetta@fas.harvard.edu
Description: An attempt to get a World Tree fan base in the Boston area. No requirements for players other than not having read "Elts". Pre-gen characters are available or any standard starting level character can be used. Scenario will likely run 4-6 weeks. Longer, original campaign planned in the near future. Any Elts players who wish to play in the next campaign will be given priority.