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You're a cobbler's apprentice, right? What if you're a big master cobbler, your own shop and an apprentice of your own, and the Duke comes in? His boot has a hole! He needs it fixed! Right now! Are you going to go get out leather, and sinew, and lizard-claw glue, and nails, and hammers, and knives, and tell him to come back in an hour? Or are you going to buy this spell to learn so you can kiss it fixed with a cley and get the purse of amber? Why are the gods giving us cley if we're not to use it, answer me that? A cley left at dawn is a cley refused, and that's a god refused, if you ask me!" -- Drogo Moopra, spellseller

Check back soon for more tools and downloads for World Tree players and game masters!

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