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World Tree for Distributors

Welcome to the World Tree! Its upper branches are fifty miles wide and thousands of miles long; city-states dot the landscape amongst the forests and fields on their flat tops. The Verticals, the sides of the world-branches, are wild and dangerous and full of monsters, and never more than twenty-five miles away from even the most civilized areas.

In the countryside, you will find mainly Herethroy, peaceful and agrarian. But move into the cities, and you will find others: the loyal and social Cani, the clever and obsessive Rassimel, the merry and mercurial shapeshifting Orren. Look into the woods to find a village of proud and heroic Gormoror, or a solitary Sleeth on the hunt. Sneak into the dark corners of society to find an occasional Khtsoyis, thuggish and brutal. Rarely, you may see a Zi Ri, immortal and mysterious. These eight prime species, to whom the gods have given access to all of the magical Arts, have built good lives for themselves, mostly peaceful and prosperous. But for those who hear the call to adventure, by design or by accident, the Tree can be a perilous place still...

Filled with stories and advice from the inhabitants, this book gives you the detailed information about the World Tree and its prime cultures you'll need to play your own stories of intrigue and magic on the civilized frontier, together with a completely integrated rules system.

Are you a distributor of gaming or anthropomorphic books? Interested in carrying World Tree in your gaming or SF bookstore?

Please contact Padwolf Publishing via email or phone: 845-557-8955.