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An anthropomorphic character is one that shares both animal and human characteristics. The details vary depending on the person imagining the character, but in general, anthropomorphics have human-type intelligence, appearances somewhere between animals and humans, and desires and societal behaviors which are mostly human, but highly colored by an animal source.

For a World Tree example, you would expect Cani (dogfolk) to walk upright like humans, and do things like shop for groceries, take their swords into the shop to be sharpened, fall in love, or go to college, but you would also expect them to have dog-like faces, tails, and fur, a strong sense of smell, and to prefer to live in packs and to know who is dominant in a given situation.

Fans of anthropomorphics often call them "furries" (even those without fur, like Herethroy). They enjoy drawing art of them, and telling stories about them.